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August 2020 Conversational Malay

Did you know that the Malay language was the lingua franca for the region between the 18-20th century? Why not learn how to speak this historical language ? A ‘ Conversational Malay ‘ online workshop has been held in August by Fara Pawzi. Date : 29th Aug 2020 Sat Time : 10-11am Fara Pawzi, 27,  is currently  working with MyRepublic, a telecommunication company.Her role in the company is to work with Partners – Consumer Sales Team (a.k.a Resellers). During her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to podcasts on Spotify. She is also a volunteer with a few organisations namely M3 (a platform to for Malay/Muslim community), MSF and EduGrow (LCSS). The session involved learning the basics of a new language such as greetings, personal pronouns, adjectives, words for places & family and how to count. We also learnt about the Malay culture, customs & etiquette. It was deeply engaging and an enriching experience for all of the participants. By the end of the session, we even picked up a few slang words too! We raised $60 from this session. Terima Kasih (Thank you) everyone for your participation.

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